Supplier Notice

All Suppliers should update their contact phone numbers in NipeX system especially if they are old Landlines or Service Providers that are no longer functional. Kindly forward your updated phone numbers via email to:  


Please note that when making any bank payment to NipeX, the Depositor’s name should be the Company’s name and NOT personal name.

Other payments options available are online transfer.

A mandatory annual update of the questionnaire is required with a subscription fee of twenty-five thousand naira (N25,000). Pre-qualified Suppliers’ failure to annually subscribe into the NJQS database will automatically lock their questionnaire.

NipeX does not charge for the following:

  • Audit Scheduling (except for re-scheduling as a result of renege by Supplier)
  • 1st Term Audit Verification Exercise (except for re-scheduling as a result of renege by Supplier)
  • Categorization
  • Printing of Audit Certificate
  • Audit Close-out (except for delayed close-out Audit)

NipeX only charges for the services below:

  • Registration (N30,000)
  • Registration Renewal (N25,000)
  • Product code addition (N600,000 for Audited Suppliers and N25,000 for Published Suppliers)
  • Audit Renege (N200,000)
  • Delayed close-out (N200,000)

Pay through Global Pay (when the website opens up)

  • Do not pay anyone for Audit- It is your right.
  • NipeX does not assist Suppliers to get contracts