About Us


To provide an industry platform for fast, efficient and transparent supply chain transactions.


Build transaction confidence in the supply of goods and services in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry by continually adapting to the needs of customers and other Stakeholders.


The primary objective of NipeX is to provide an electronic contracting platform for NNPC and its operating partners in the Joint Venture (JV) and Production Sharing Contract (PSC) arrangement with a view to:

  • Establishing a Joint Qualification System for the Pre-qualification of Contractors / Suppliers for ease of Supplier selection
  • Reducing contracting cycle time from duration of about 18 – 24 months to half or shorter time frame
  • Entrenching transparency into the contracting and procurement process thereby ensuring the integrity of the process
  • To increase visibility of contract opportunities to indigenous Contractors / Suppliers for capacity building

NipeX Operational scope is targeted at contracts above Operators’ Approval threshold from N10,000,000 (or $500,000) for JV companies and $250,000 for PSCs.

NipeX Service Offerings

As an electronic procurement platform, the NipeX system has been built to offer innovative and value added services to all Stakeholders in the industry.

These services include:

Supplier Pre-qualification Integrated Supplier Database
Industry Collaboration Enhanced Communications Channel
Online Approvals Online Document Exchange
RFXs & Reverse Auctions Efficient Evaluation Tools
Reporting & Analytical Services Standard Industry Templates

NipeX Operations

The NipeX system consists of two complementary web-based applications which facilitate Supplier pre-qualification and contract approval processes, namely the Joint Qualification System (JQS) and Electronic Marketplace (eMarketplace).

Joint Qualification System (JQS): The NipeX JQS is an online Supplier database which provides a standardized and transparent means of pre-qualifying Suppliers registered in Nigeria for potential opportunities in the industry. The NipeX JQS increases efficiency and instills integrity in the pre-qualification process of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry.
Prior to the establishment of NipeX, each Buyer (Operator) pre-qualified Bidders on a tender by tender basis by receiving pre-qualification bids from the Suppliers. With the NipeX approach, NJQS carries out pre-qualification of Suppliers for Operators and maintains the database for all industry players. Stakeholders source for pre-qualified Suppliers from the pool provided by NJQS database. Adverts published have thus changed from “Invitation for Pre-qualification” to “Tender Opportunity”.
Only Suppliers who are registered with the relevant NJQS Products/Services category as at the advert close date shall be eligible to participate in the Tender opportunity and invited to submit Technical and/ or Commercial bids.

Electronic Marketplace (eMarketplace): The eMarketplace is an online platform designed to facilitate contract processing between Buyers (Operators), Suppliers and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC[Approvers]). It enables communication and data exchange between Suppliers, Buyers and Approvers. The eMarketplace is deployed using mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) technology which provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities including a platform for approving and monitoring contracting activities in the industry.